URA Payments

Crane Bank is authorized to receive taxes on behalf of URA. Pay your taxes at any Crane Bank branch

How to register a payment online:

  1. Simply go to the URA Website at www.ura.go.ug and select the Payment Registration option from the left side menu.
  2. Complete details of Tax Type and fill in the Tax Payment details.
  3. Choose Tax Head as required Non-Tax Revenues/Tax Revenues/Other Non-Tax Revenues.
  4. When you come to bank details, select the right option from payment mode and then in URA BankerName select Crane Bank.
  5. Click "Accept and register" to submit.
  6. An e-Payment registration receipt will be generated and a copy sent to your email address. Print the payment registration receipt on A4 size paper. This receipt contains a payment registration number which you will use for making payments at any Crane Bank branch countrywide to validate your registration.

Take advantage of Crane Bank's wide network coverage to pay all your registered and non-registered taxes at any of our branches countrywide.

For further information, call your nearest branch or Contact Us